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<p><b>Login to It in just 60 minutes</b></p>
April 27, 2021#career

Login to It in just 60 minutes

In just 60 minutes a day.

The first 60 minutes - here it is worth saying that there are enough professions in IT and you, my dear friend, need to figure out who you want to become. In fact, everything is very simple, if it were not so difficult. Check out a short list of possible options:

  • Team-lead

  • Frontend developer

  • Backend developer

  • Embedded programmer

  • QA engineer

  • Gamedev

  • IT recruiter or HR manager

  • Project manager

  • PR manager

  • Marketer

  • Product Manager

  • Art Director

  • Systems Analyst

  • Sales manager

  • and many more other professions.

Today we will tell you what to do in a situation if your heart is in Frontend development.

The second 60 minutes - here you need to go to Google and find resources such as https://developer.mozilla.org/ru/docs/Learn/Getting_started_with_the_web https://developer.mozilla.org/ru/docs/Learn/HTML  https://developer.mozilla.org/ru/docs/Learn/CSS  

And create your first website.

After a week of in-depth study, your index.html already looks good. So we are on the right track.

In general, at this stage, you can move on to resources that help develop memory and develop options for solving problems. It is worth noting such resources as:






I recommend that you turn your attention to these resources, since, in addition to entertaining content, they provide visualization of properties, which is well stored in memory and helps to quickly navigate future tasks.

A couple more weeks later. When the view of a jumping frog becomes boring, and carrots begin to be seen in everyday life, it is worth moving on to making up the cases. Here it is worth recommending to work out your hand on standard tasks that you will have to face most often. And these are page elements that are most often found such as (Header, Footer, tabs), various types of forms (here it is worth paying a little more attention, since various types of forms are one of the important frontend tools).


For a more detailed study of this topic, you can devote time to resources such as:

1. Basics of material design https://material.io/  

2. Important about responsiveness


3. A little about SEO https://web.dev/lighthouse-seo/ 

With a basic understanding of the structure and styling of the web, we can summarize the past month.

You can already apply for the position of trainee layout designer, if you are interested. But we must figure out what is still missing. And there is not enough dynamics and interactivity itself. The truth here in 60 minutes does not meet. But it's worth starting with https://developer.mozilla.org/ru/docs/Learn/JavaScript and one of the best resources on this topic https://learn.javascript.ru/ 

It is very important here to thoughtfully go through all the chapters, since you will encounter basic things in any frontend developer tasks.

In general, I recommend completing tasks for all chapters and working out some of the standard cases such as (processing form data, todo lists, working with local storage, etc.).

I also want to recommend several JavaScript books for this block.

  • Detailed Guide - David Flanagan. Learning JavaScript.

  • A Guide to Building Modern Websites - Ethan Brown

After completing this block and understanding the basics of js, you can apply for the position of a trainee frontend developer. At this stage, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the requirements of employers, study vacancies, attend interviews. And come to what is required at the moment, what is on the "hype" now and what it will be interesting for you to do.

In the next step, I recommend that you understand the basics of frontend frameworks. It is worth paying attention first of all to https://ru.reactjs.org/docs/getting-started.html

I also recommend that you work out a few interesting cases with this framework, such as a personal blog page, a simple online store, a notes application, and so on.

It is also worth understanding the version control system https://git-scm.com/ , creating an account at https://github.com/ , where you will store your work (there will be something to send along with your resume). It is a very important collaboration tool that you will come across in your early days as a team.

I also recommend that you learn a little more about development methodologies. So that words like scrum and kanban don't confuse you. One of the good books on Agile: Project Estimation and Planning is Mike Cohn.

On this I propose to end today. I hope that from this article it became clear to you that getting into IT in 60 minutes is not an easy task. But the process can be exciting and fun. I recommend that you pay attention first of all to the labor market, and in particular to the requirements of the employer. After all, they, like no one else, will be able to tell you what knowledge is necessary for a particular position.

At the Justice Team, prior to interviewing, we provide candidates with a bibliography to prepare for their interview. This primarily gives candidates an understanding of what the employer requires of them. Therefore, we will be glad to your questions and ready to help you with the start of your dream career.