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<p>What resume will our HR managers exactly consider?</p>
August 22, 2021#career

What resume will our HR managers exactly consider?

Let us tell you a secret: about 50% of candidates are rejected at the very first stage of studying the resume. How to make sure that, when responding to a vacancy, you reach the interview stage, we will tell you below.

1. A resume must be submitted to the relevant vacancy.

A frequent case: candidates with a resume that are focused on a completely different vacancy are responding to a developer's vacancy. Often it looks like the applicant responds to everything in the hope that "at least somewhere, so be lucky." But in reality, this is disrespect for the other person's time.

2. Study the vacancy carefully.

Often, vacancies are detailed in as much detail as possible so that the recruiter does not spend too much time processing applications that are definitely not suitable. Before applying for a vacancy, study it - whether it suits you or not. For example, pay attention to whether experience is required, what format of work (online / offline), etc. If, after reading the information from the employer, you understand that you do not fit in important parameters, then you should not respond in the hope that an exception will be made for you. In such cases, candidates are refused initial screening.

3. Describe your skills in detail.

A very important point in the summary. Often they write here general, but not targeted skills that speak of your skills. Punctuality, attentiveness, multitasking, responsibility are certainly very important, but these skills are already expected from an employee who appreciates his work. But targeted ones, for example, “working with Git” or “testing employees for company loyalty” - will say a lot about you and speed up the decision-making process (in your favor, of course).

4. Specify the competencies you own.

What I mean? Try to avoid phrasing like this:

  • Staff recruitment;

  • Application development with React.js.

Making a choice in favor of such:

  • Initial screening of candidates, appointment and interviewing, analysis of candidates, and adaptation of new employees to the team.

  • Developing SPA applications in React.js using libraries such as Material UI, React-router-dom, with a Webpack wrapper, and using the SAAS preprocessor.

And the point here is not at all in beautiful words (although they also play a role and show that you are in the subject of professional slang), but in specifics. By providing more background information, you increase your chances of being noticed by an employer.

5. Write a cover letter.

What can be in it? For example, why you want to work in this particular company, what attracted you and what you liked about the vacancy, what attracted you to this company. Or you can tell more about yourself. Also, in the cover letter, you can immediately ask the questions you are interested in, the answers to which have not been found. We hope that after our advice, your resume will become more informative and attractive to the employer. And they will definitely lead to interviews. You can find tips on how to successfully pass interviews here: Blog | How to prepare for an interview.