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<p>Interview with a web-developer</p>
November 2, 2020#interview

Interview with a web-developer

The face of the company, including its employees. We select guys according to our criteria, we assemble a cool team. Today we want to share with you an interview with our web developer Victor. By the way, this is not the last interview on our blog. Don't switch!

1. How did you get into it? How did it all start? A close friend of mine plunged into the it sphere. And I, looking at how his eyes are burning and the interest in programming, I decided to try myself too. And I didn’t regret it.

2. What is the hardest part of your job? As you know, the IT sphere is developing very rapidly. Something new is constantly emerging. The tricky part is keeping up with all the updates. There are still times when you have to search for an answer to a problem inside the code for a very long time. Persistence saves, which is why it is so important for a programmer.

3. Is there a place for creativity in your work? When and how can you be creative? Sure. For me, creativity is the layout of the site. There are projects where a web designer is not involved, and then we, together with a web analyst, design the site page ourselves, deciding where which component will be, which library will be used, what colors, how everything will be located, etc. Isn't it creativity?

4. What does your working day consist of? I arrive at the office at about 9:00 and immediately go to brew my own coffee. After that comes the stage of morning calls with the customer and the team. We discuss who managed to do what, work plans for the day and who has any problems with the implementation of the task. After all discussions are completed, we proceed directly to work on the project, namely on tasks. (By the way, our working hours are tracked in special tables, so it's impossible to cheat). On a break, I like to play with my fellow colleagues in xBox. It helps to switch from work and relax for a while.

5. What is the most interesting thing for you in your work? The most interesting thing is a situation when you are trying for a very long time and persistently to solve a task that you just cannot complete, you constantly google, looking for some options for execution. But it still doesn't work. And then it dawns on you, you find the information you need, once - and everything worked out! I love this moment. I also really enjoy communicating with people. For example, now I am working on a project where business analytics and communication schemes within the team are excellent. All colleagues are very experienced and share their knowledge. This motivates you to achieve better results.

6. How useful and important is your profession for our country and society? Nowadays, any company should have a website. It's part of the personal brand that customers come to. It also happens with any state. sites. To some extent, this affects the perception of the country in the information space. So the benefits are obvious.

7. Where do you get new development information from? What professional websites and blogs do you regularly read? My answer is very simple: google. I also like to read articles on habr.com

8. What development tool do you like best and why? This is WebStorm because it has smart code completion, on-the-fly error checking, quick code navigation, and refactoring for JavaScript, TypeScript, style languages, and popular frameworks.

9. List a few sites that you really admire (from a development standpoint)? I really like the Apple website. Minimalism and simplicity in combination with the "filling" of the page is very pleasing to the eye. I also admire the design and functionality of the site https://www.buildinamsterdam.com