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<p>Burnout: what is it and how to deal with it</p>
December 27, 2020#article

Burnout: what is it and how to deal with it

Burnout is a problem for many. But often, this is the problem of one. That is, it is hidden within one person. And this very person does not want to release it, does not want to share it. I think everyone knows firsthand that no problem at all can be tolerated. This applies to any life situation. The accumulation and inability to overcome the source of regular emotional negative shocks is a path either to a bomb or a loss of interest in everything that surrounds. But as soon as you speak, you will start to discharge. And little by little your negative charge will change to a plus.

Think of burnout not as the end of your life, but as a good kick in the ass, as a call to action. Changing the genre of music you listen to, changing your job and your favorite chocolate bar, changing your image is an escape from a problem that is already moving from a bonfire to a fire inside you. Recognize your condition. Recognize and start working on yourself. This is what you have to do in order not to fall into the well with your problems. Of course, you’re not alone. It's not just the problem at work that worries you, is it? Home with family or friends is also something not all right? Recognize and take action. For especially strong actions, extrinsic motivation, which is close to intrinsic, will help you. What does it mean? This means that you are so inspired by someone or something from the outside that you no longer need motivation. It is within you. Personally, I can advise you to read literally the first 10 chapters of Maxim Batyrev's book “45 tattoos of personality”. Then you don't want to stop. I will give as an example a few quotes from the book, and then you decide for yourself. “... every time, being at some level, I dreamed that someday I would find myself several levels higher. I found living examples for myself, read many books, was unhappy with the current situation. I never hid what I want, I dreamed loudly and publicly ... " “... the more difficult the situation we are going through now, the stronger we will be when we pass it ... The harder the trail, the worse the weather, the longer the pass, the stronger you become after overcoming it. The main thing is to remember that this difficulty is temporary and you will definitely get out of it as a stronger person. The worse the better, brothers. Remember this! " “I don't mind whining. I am opposed to whining at the moment when you are dishonest with yourself. Only if you made your way to all the potentially necessary places, met with all potentially interested people, tried to involve all possible experts in your question, re-read all the literature on your issue, did more than all those people who have already tried to do something in a similar situations ... Only then can you groan a little. Until then ... PW! " (For the decoding of the abbreviation, see page 80 of the book - a note from the author of the article). Doing what you love and love what you do, strive for development, want to be better than yesterday - these are all beautiful hackneyed phrases, yes. But without their understanding and recognition, it is very difficult. Is your work valuable? Are you appreciated? Do you see the result? Are you benefiting someone? Do you have a development plan? Congratulations, if you answered at least 3 questions "yes", then after solving your, in fact, tiny problem, you will have a truly steep success. And if you have 5 no, run. But not from myself. Run away from people (employer, coworkers, client) who don't value you. Run wherever you feel needed. Set the vector of self improvement, become cool.

Also, go in for sports. Really, do it. It doesn't have to be a wear and tear in the gym. This can be yoga, basketball, stretching, or squash. Again, a little about the banal and, it would seem, everyone knows. Sport makes you happier. You can read more about this here. Very often during training, cool ideas come to my mind. And I immediately start developing a plan. I know that this is how I get better. So my laziness disappears, a lot of strength appears. I want to do more. And I can do more.

And also, your dream will help you do more. It's hard to live without a dream. “Set a goal for yourself” - I again tell you in the words of Maxim Batyrev. Achieve what you were afraid not to achieve. I just want our company to double in a year. But at least two. I will dream about 2.5 times. This is my goal.

Overall, just remember that you, your body and your brain are the most precious thing you have. Nobody dares to take it away from you. Treat this with respect and responsibility. Just get better. And we will talk in more detail about development at my next master class in 2 months. Such is our busy schedule of master classes in the company. Everything is scheduled. And I am very proud of our employees who strive to become better and to make someone better. Happy Holidays everyone! Thanks for reading.