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<p>How are master classes created</p>
February 28, 2021#article

How are master classes created

Preparation for the master class is the main and important stage. More often it is exciting the very process of conducting. HR-manager Natalia and CPO & COO Anastasia revealed their cards and shared the secrets of preparing the material.

Natalya, HR Manager of Justice Team It:

It all starts with a topic. Most often, it is inspired by some kind of situations occurring in the company. Therefore, in my head there is already that basic idea that I want to convey to the team through this MK.

After that, the search for information begins. There are two ways here.

First: I read a thematic book, and then I make a brief summary of those moments and examples that I consider important. When I read them, every time I think about what I would do if I were the author. In the course of my MC, I always share what I think about this or that position of the writer. Here are some examples from my life.

The second option is more to my liking. I am starting to look for information on various platforms. I read many articles, watch any videos on YouTube, often watch interviews with a person who understands this topic. Well, and then I combine all this, adding something from myself, paraphrasing sentences, adding my own examples. From this, a new, unlike anything material is born. Also, most of my blog posts follow this pattern.

By the way, I want to highlight an important point. Many people often wait for “inspiration,” “when the muse comes,” and postpone the moment to act. From time to time it happens with MK and writing an article. But I learned one rule: inspiration comes during the action. That is, as soon as I sit down to search for information or read a book, new ideas and images immediately appear. Therefore, I definitely understood for myself: if you want inspiration, start doing something. This is how I learned to take responsibility for my inspiration.

Further, after I have the MK plan, I begin to prepare the presentation. I select key phrases, materials that the guys can screen / photograph, sometimes videos reflecting the situation. At the same time, I make a note on my phone, where I write down what I must not forget to say, including a specific slide.

When the presentation is ready, I read it all over several times. And after that I already tune in and go to tell the guys all this.

CPO & COO Justice Team It Anastasia:

Usually I come up with a topic for a future master class long before the master class itself. Approximately 1-2 months. The most difficult thing in preparation is to stay on the wave of inspiration, inspiration and in the same life position as at the moment of the idea. In my opinion, it is very important to come up with a theme yourself. During our studies at school and university, we were fully saturated with the abstracts that the training program came up with. I think in 99% of cases there was little desire to talk about this topic.

The master class is a kind of outpouring of the soul. A way to share observations, thoughts and beliefs about a specific topic.

Proceeding from the position that the topic that will be discussed is my brainchild, I will tell you about preparation.

At the moment the idea appears, I throw in the plan of my MK just in the notes on the phone. That is, I determine what I want to talk about at this very second of my life. Often I think about a topic in my free time: cooking, cleaning, playing sports, before going to bed. It is very important to write down in Notes every important thought that comes at such times. Why? She will not come again, and you will forget her. In my opinion, the most ingenious ideas visit you when your hands and feet are busy with physical work.

Then, 1-2 weeks before the MC, inspiration appears, which can sometimes be inspired by the thoughts "wow, I have nothing ready." And my inner excellent student begins to generate text.

I open my notes again and write my thoughts. 95% of the text of my MK is just my opinion, sentences, words. In my texts, there is almost no copy-paste of what I heard / saw / read. Only processed, meaningful, tested information.

Usually a maximum of 30 minutes is enough for me to have my text ready. Then I'll double-check it for errors, typos. Not because it will be published as an article (although this is often the case). But because the most unpleasant to read the "wrong" text.

1-2 days before the MK, I do the most unloved thing - a presentation. I don't see the point in them. I don't want people to be distracted by slides, text, pictures. I believe that the presentation has the right to be a help, a demonstration of something that cannot be described in words, and not a forced accompaniment of your thoughts (because this is how it is necessary, so it was taught). I prefer to make presentations branded. Also, having chosen a style once, I will rarely change it. Raises attentiveness. Doesn't distract with interesting innovations. Familiar design.

During the same 1-2 days, I will say the text about 4-5 times. Each run of the text will be different, because there is a lot to say, but time is limited. But I always have my note at hand. Because I cannot miss some important thoughts, move towards new reasoning. And just as importantly, I will be in the demonstration room in 15 minutes. I'll connect a computer, a presentation. I'll scroll through it. I'll check the serviceability. I will review the text.

And then for the next 20-30 minutes I will pour out my soul, focusing on all the previous material.