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<p>How is the master class really useful?</p>
July 28, 2021#article

How is the master class really useful?

One of our key internal events is master classes conducted by the company's employees. Today we want to tell you why they are so important and what are their benefits.

One of our “whales” is a vector for development. We always strive to learn and learn something new. This is what we want to see from our employees, including.

The master class is a great opportunity to show your oratorical skills and share your knowledge in any area or topic. It is also a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. Agree, not every day you have to broadcast something to 10+ people? Performing in front of an audience causes excitement even among experienced craftsmen, not to mention an unprepared person. At the same time, it is a very valuable and important skill to be able to interest people through their expertise in any topic. And where can you learn and practice this, if not in a team of people who will always support and help you? This is one of the big advantages of our master classes: all the guys support each other, there is never any negative towards the leader. If someone needs feedback on how the MC went, he will definitely receive it in the form of calm, constructive advice or remarks.

A logical question may arise here: why should a developer develop their oratory skills? The answer is simple and trivial: to communicate with clients and customers. Having the skill to express himself beautifully, correctly present information and interest in his own words, an employee can easily convey his thought to the customer, explain his actions accurately. This increases customer confidence and, in general, affects the customer focus of the company. After all, having the skill of beautiful and competent speech, as well as a large vocabulary, it seems much easier and more effective to get out of a curious situation with a client.

Another important role of this event is the relevance of the topics of the MC themselves. They are not chosen randomly. The goal of MK is to satisfy any request from the team. It can be an actual technical topic that will be useful for the guys-developers, or it can be a topic on time management or self-development (methods, inspirations, sources), etc. That is, master classes are held not just to have an extensive a list of company events, and so that everyone present at it could take out something useful for themselves, adapt it in their lives and become better. The growth of employee skills within the company is very important: both hard-skills and soft-skills. This is what we are actively promoting.

What else can you learn by preparing and conducting master classes? Structuring your thoughts and expressing them is available to everyone. This is one of the most essential skills for a modern person, to which very little attention is paid. In the modern world, the main value is not hands, not land, not production and not capital, but the head. But even if you have absolute knowledge in your head about the connection of everything with everything, without the ability to get it from there it costs nothing. Again the question arose "why is this a programmer?" For example, in order to clearly explain to your teammates why they are all wrong, but you have to do as you say. Or when explaining to the customer how to do it faster, more convenient and more profitable and why it is not worth doing the way he sees it. :)

Well, in conclusion, I would like to add that this is also another opportunity for team building. After all, after the IC, many questions are usually asked, there is a discussion and discussion, where many express their position. At this moment, each of the participants is revealed in a new way. And team building is always good. :)