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<p><b>How to start taking care of the Planet?</b></p>
July 19, 2021#article

How to start taking care of the Planet?

The main thing that you should understand is that it will soon become a must. We will simply have no choice. Start before it's too late!

To start your journey of caring for the surrounding nature, it is not necessary to go to subbotniks and collect garbage there, it is not necessary to plant trees, it is not necessary to do complex and labor - intensive things (this is what most people are afraid of-problems). It is enough to instill in yourself a few simple habits. A minimum of time, a minimum of problems, and the benefits are incredible. Even if you sort only waste paper and PET soda bottles, you will make a huge contribution to the future.

What's the future like there? What? Far away? After many years? No, it's really bad. The situation in the world is such that if you don't wake up now and start doing at least something, your children and you will already know what it is to live on another planet (without clean water supplies, and so on).

An interesting fact about Nike (source: https://www.championat.com/). The designer of the sets of new game uniforms for Russian clubs was Nike, which traditionally dresses Spartak and St. Petersburg residents. How does Nike sew a plastic uniform? First, plastic bottles are collected, sorted and washed. Then they are crushed and melted into thin plastic threads, from which they then sew a form. It takes about 16 bottles to create one set. According to the manufacturer, the material is not inferior in quality to ordinary polyester. Entrepreneurs can build processing plants, can sell raw materials further, can contribute to the" non-accumulation " of garbage. But all this is impossible without those who care, without the inhabitants of this planet, which requires our indifference.

Simple steps on the way to an eco-friendly life (the very first, and then-more):

Where should I take all this? Find the nearest point to you. In the city of Taganrog, we recommend the organization EcoTaganrog https://instagram.com/ecotaganrog

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