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<p><b>Is it difficult for a girl to work in IT?</b></p>
July 21, 2021#article

Is it difficult for a girl to work in IT?

To begin with, I would like to list what difficulties can be for girls. First of all, these are socio - cultural stereotypes that refer programming to a purely male job. There are indeed more men in this profession, but the reason for this does not lie in the difference between the female and male brains or thinking. Due to existing prejudices and stereotypes, many girls do not seek to enter technical universities, believing that it is difficult to break through and make a career in this field.

In fact, women can achieve the same success as men and contribute to history, for example, like the American Grace Hopper, who developed the first universal programming language for business — COBOL, which is still used today.

But fortunately, the stereotype that programming is a purely male profession is characteristic for the most part for the "older generation" and people who simply do not have enough information about the essential characteristics of the profession. And, as a result, the probability of encountering such stereotypes within an IT company is quite low. One more prejudice is that it is considered that it is more difficult for women to find a common language with men in the working team. In reality, relationships in the IT team are built in the same way as in any other. In the field of interpersonal relationships, simple human qualities come to the fore, such as mutual assistance, trust and, importantly, a sense of humor. And these qualities do not depend on belonging to a particular gender and are individual for each person.

Corporate culture in IT often has a progressive view of stereotypes, and also in itself is very conducive to comfortable work and interaction between employees within the company. It is in the interests of an IT company to have a friendly team that unites and becomes cohesive through various events.

Most of all, you can suffer from your own stereotypes, because you yourself can also think "suddenly something will not work out for me" or "suddenly I take the bar too high for myself". But this is solvable – you just need to reconfigure your thinking and get rid of fears and doubts.

A little about my personal experience:

None of my family and friends said that I would have difficulties in learning programming because of my gender, or difficulties on the part of companies when applying for a job and during work. Training was not a big problem. During the job search, I knew that only knowledge, experience and personal qualities of a person are important for a good company, as it turned out in reality. At work, no one treated me with prejudice.

According to my friends girls programmer to the advantages of working in the IT sector can be attributed more loyal, reverent attitude, but this of course depends on the team and the company.

Summarizing all the above, I want to say that at the moment, the girl in the IT field have to face some difficulties, but if you are a good specialist, all problems can be solved. The main thing is to believe in yourself, not to be shy and not to be afraid to plunge into the flow of information.