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<p>Psychological difficulties of trainees, and how are they worked out in the company?</p>
August 18, 2021#article

Psychological difficulties of trainees, and how are they worked out in the company?

An internship is a wonderful and interesting stage in the life of every candidate. But at the same time it is very exciting. Today we will tell you exactly what the interns are worried about, and how we deal with it.

A rough list of reasons for worrying about your internship looks like this:

  • Stress from a new workplace and team.

To make the guys less stressed from the new environment, on the very first day we introduce them to each of the team and in detail with the office. The guys from the team independently call the trainees with them for lunch / smoke break. We also always indicate that a new employee can calmly contact any of his colleagues and he will always be helped. For example, on the first day, you always need help with a coffee machine.

  • Shyness.

New hires are often embarrassed to strike up a conversation with a colleague. This is where our “Internship Diary” comes to the rescue, where the compulsory tasks are spelled out. Some of them are aimed precisely at ensuring that the guys smoothly make connections and communicate with the team. Also, many of our internal activities aimed at uniting and building a team. The guys are always happy to participate in them and invite interns to join.

  • Fear of asking for help again.

Here the internship mentor comes to the rescue, who consistently approaches the intern several times a day and finds out if he is doing well. Communicating with the intern, finding out how he is doing, he already gives him the opportunity to ask questions and ask for help in absentia. Also, on the first day, we not only introduce all colleagues to the trainee, but also briefly tell the focus of each work. This creates an understanding of who to contact and for what reason. Another important aspect is the openness of the team. That is, each trainee sees personally how the guys communicate and help each other, which also helps to be more relaxed and not afraid to ask for help.

  • Misunderstanding of the values ​​and nature of the company.

Whoever says what, but to understand the spirit of the place where you work 40 hours a week is very important. We always openly broadcast our values ​​through social media. networks and within the company. For the guys who have come to the company again, we have a booklet with our values ​​and the Book of Fair Rules, which are given out to everyone on the first day of their stay in the office. Also, we have assignments in the “Internship Diary”, which are aimed at exploring the mission, values ​​and “vibe” of the company by the interns.

  • Fear and ignorance of the leadership.

It often happens that the image of a company director in the minds of new employees is portrayed as a “very angry, busy and taciturn” person. Everything is completely different with us. Not only that, our directors are very friendly and can often start a friendly conversation on their own with the guys. We also have our favorite “Internship Diary” assigned tasks aimed at communicating with directors. In our experience, all this ultimately leads to an adequate perception of leaders.

This is just a small list of what the guys care about during the internship stage. We understand very well that stress can play a bad joke and prevent a new employee from demonstrating everything that he can do. That is why we are so anxious about the internship stage: we hold rallies on this matter, invent something new and implement it, improve the adaptation process, and so on.

If after this article you decide to join us and plunge into the atmosphere of “Justice IT”, then we will be glad to read your resume and chat. Write to us in any messenger (mail, VKontakte, Instagram).