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<p>The vector for the development</p>
March 8, 2021#article

The vector for the development

Today we will talk about the direction for development. I would like to mark 2021 for myself personally and for our entire company as a year of development. This does not mean that on December 31 you will have to stop and exhale. This means that working and living for the purpose of development, you will no longer be able to stop. Constantly improving yourself is the secret of a successful person.

In view of the fact that we work in one of the most developing areas, there is a man in each of us who is responsible for this very improvement. But this little man can be very different: small, crushed by fears or lazy. Our task is for everyone to raise their own little man. So that he becomes big, confident and knowledgeable.

Knowing what? Those who know their dreams. It is dreams, not goals. Everyone has goals. These are clear, understandable thoughts. But the little man demands that you dream. Dreams literally make you do more. Do not sleep late, do not drink beer on weekends, do not spend all your free time watching TV shows, but learn something new, run somewhere and strive for something.

How is a dream different from a goal? A goal is what a person wants to accomplish. A dream is a supposedly ideal image of something that does not always develop into reality. But I personally disagree. I would draw them on one straight line. There is a point - a goal. There is a point - dream. Due to fears or lack of faith in yourself, the point of your aspiration is somewhere further away. At the same time, you perfectly know your dream. There is a distance between them. How big or small it is is a demonstration of the strength of your little man.

Take away the goal point and align your goal with your dream. Just trust that you can do more.

Everything sounds, of course, beautiful. But such over-action requires inspiration. Trust me, I recently realized that even a techie naturally needs inspiration. Just a little less. But for completely creative people, it is almost vital in order to bloom. In general, to be honest, programming is also a creative work. Therefore, both Einstein and Van Gogh live in each of the developers.

Where to get inspiration from? Better than you, of course, no one knows why you are in a clearly elated mood. For example, for me it is shopping, for someone it is drawing. But I'm sure 95% of people are definitely inspired by great stories: Steve Jobs, Hewlett & Packard, Starbucks, McDonald's, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Such breakthroughs cannot but motivate you to go towards your dream. I am sure that if a person sincerely dreams of getting into history with some invention or being in some rating (for example, “Forbes”), he will definitely get there and be there. Dreams come true, as they say. Especially the management of Gazprom. We can believe their slogan. :)

A very fleeting thing that you need to catch - an opportunity can help you to take more strong steps on the way to your dream-goal. As the saying goes, it's better to regret what you did than what you didn't. Anyone can miss the opportunity. And you - do not miss it. I think it doesn't really need to be explained what an opportunity is and how to recognize it. All you need is desire and an understanding of what this means, that free swimming will turn into a sprint, which, perhaps, will exhaust you. But all efforts will not be in vain. You will be happy comparing yourself at the new point and at the past.

While we are talking about “go with the flow”, or rather NOT go with it, let's add one more ingredient to development in general - to manage your life. It is precisely to manage. Make decisions, make laws, form habits, expand the knowledge base. One more person lives in you, who sits at the control panel of you. Yes, sometimes he rests. It is necessary that the percentage of rest was approximately 20% of the week, that is, 1.5 days. This is how much you should rest per week. And the rest 5.5 to work: to work and improve oneself.

Well, let's add a pinch of support. In general, not even a pinch at all. Surround yourself with the right people who love you and believe in you. External stimulation is very important. It is not enough to believe in yourself. You need someone to believe in you too.

And remember: what you are doing now is your life's work. Invest all of yourself, your energy and strength in your development. Don't feel sorry for yourself. And the result will not keep you waiting long.