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<p>TOP-3 anti-soviets from an HR-manager</p>
September 21, 2021#article

TOP-3 anti-soviets from an HR-manager

Very often you can find various articles with tips on how to prepare and successfully pass an interview. Undoubtedly, this is very important and useful information. But we decided to add a little variety and tell you the TOP 3 anti-soviets from our HR manager. What, in fact, is worth paying attention to.

1. The first and very important anti-Soviet sounds like this: “Have no idea about the company where you are being interviewed”

Every employer wants to clearly understand why you choose him, how you can be useful, and what new things you will bring to his company. Also, how it can attract and motivate you in the long run.

What to do? Before responding to a vacancy, be sure to study the company that offers it.

2. The following anti-Soviet: "Go into details and do not answer the questions posed”

When the candidate jumps from one topic to another, and interprets each question in his own way, telling only what he thinks is important. It is absolutely useless to talk to such a person - it is impossible to understand what is in his head.

What to do? Listen carefully to the HR manager and clearly answer the questions asked.

3. “Not interested in a vacancy”

Any interview is a dialogue about how the candidate and the vacancy correspond to each other. The HR manager is waiting for your interest, and it can be shown by asking questions about the vacancy, and if you do not ask about the details, the dialogue does not work. The HR manager will definitely appreciate your desire to immerse yourself in the tasks, prospects and corporate culture of the company in which you will work. This is an opportunity for you to fully "try on" the role of an employee, and for the company to tell about those things that are important to you.

What to do? Be sure to ask questions on topics that are of significant importance to you.

According to our HR manager, this is the very TOP-3 anti-soviets, listening to which, you are guaranteed to increase your chances of passing an interview. Remember that there is no way to re-make the first impression. How you will show yourself at the interview depends on the further development of events.