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<p>Top books according to our COO</p>
January 24, 2021#article

Top books according to our COO

Top books according to our COO (Operations Director of Justice Team - Anastasia Vorotova) I want to say right away that in this article you will not see books on programming, because this is not my profile. But I promise that here you will definitely find at least one book that will motivate you to succeed. After reading these books, you will want to do more, do better, and do more efficiently. These are books and authors who really want to study even after getting to know their works. So, to your attention - the top 5 books in my opinion - Justice Team COO. Book 1. Undoubtedly, in the first place is the book of a deeply respected person by me Maxim Batyrev "45 tattoos of personality". This book is a real motivator. You can read at least one chapter a day, and in a month and a half, I assure you, you will change your usual lifestyle. More precisely, the part of your life that is responsible for success. And it's not just about work. Book 2. Clayson George Samuel “The Richest Man in Babylon” is a book with an unusual presentation of information, albeit sometimes boring. But it is very important to understand this. Throughout the book, you are being told the same thing, you are being programmed. And I assure you that they program for success. A few principles and simple steps will lead you precisely to financial success. This is the book I advise you to listen to, not read. This will make it clearer and more efficient. Book 3. Allan Pease and Barbara Pease “Why Men Lie and Women Roar” - unexpected but true. Yes, this is not about work for the result, not about professionalism and motivation. But it's about the relationship between people. About these most complex relationships between different sexes. A woman leader or a man leader (may feminists forgive me) is a big difference. Is a colleague a man or a woman? They will behave in the same situation in completely different ways. We at Justice Team bring fair and respectful treatment to ourselves and to each other. This can be achieved, including with the help of such books, broadcasting the difference between the sexes and literally provoking mutual understanding. I understand that the men snorted at the very beginning of the description of this book, but we will definitely hold an MC on this topic in our company. Book 4. Maxim Batyrev “45 tattoos of the manager”. The book is still for managers (departments, teams, divisions and companies), and I highly recommend it to every HR manager. But nevertheless, any purposeful and interested in career growth, after reading this book, will feel his leader better, will be on the same wavelength with him. And joint goals definitely influence the result. Of course, I'm talking about our company, because I won't even hide the fact that we have a lot from the principles of Maxim Batyrev. Book 5. The book is about how to establish your processes, how to allocate time efficiently, and ultimately become effective yourself - “Tough time management. Take control of your life ”Kennedy Dan S. Our HR manager spoke in more detail on this topic in the article“ Tips for organizing time ”(you will find it in our blog on the site from 09/08/2020). And I'll tell you this. In my opinion, there are people who skillfully allocate their time and organize the workflow without any advice. If you belong to this number - fantastic. If not, then spend 30 minutes daily on this book on time management (it is also quite possible to listen to, not read). This time will pay off very quickly. Just trust me in a word, this is a great investment. In general, I told you about the books that I recommend to everyone and everywhere. These are very light and, most importantly, useful pieces. I wish everyone to get better every day. And the best practice of other successful people helps a lot in this. Have a great working week everyone!