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<p><b>Training: online or offline. What to choose?</b></p>
September 15, 2021#article

Training: online or offline. What to choose?

As every specialist knows, IT technologies are developing very quickly in the modern world. What is visible on the market of both labor and training? Today, the volume of the online education market in our country is increasing by 25-30% annually. I also think that it's not a secret for anyone: if you want to enter the world of IT, you need to be trained. Just here is the question of in what form it is better to undergo training: online or offline? In this article, we will try to figure out in what form it is better to get certain knowledge. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of all types of training.

I'll start with offline training.


+ Let's talk about what is the best form of information assimilated? The answer is obvious: in the case of offline learning, information is absorbed faster, since not only auditory and visual memory is involved, but also associative and motor skills.

+ Personal contact and communication. When studying online, there is a chance that you will not ask the right question. And in the case of offline training, the teacher can independently see that something is unclear to you and give feedback or advice. You can also ask the teacher all the questions you are interested in at once.

+ Classes discipline, allow you to gain experience in solving common problems.

Disadvantages of offline learning: - First of all, it is a fixed schedule of classes, which may not always be convenient.

- If you are studying offline, then in any case you will spend time on the road, which can also be inconvenient.

- And the last drawback: as the market shows, offline training is more expensive than online.

Now let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of online learning.

Let's start with the advantages:

+ First of all, if you already have a background of offline training, then online courses can perfectly complement it.

+ Price: they are much cheaper than offline courses. It is also possible to find courses for free.

+ Time, which is a very valuable and limited resource of our life. A huge advantage of online is that you can study at any convenient time, in any convenient place. It is necessary to have only a computer, Internet access and a desire!


- Online courses may lack a practical part, which is an important element in training.

- You may also have difficulties with controlling and assimilating knowledge, since no one will check it for you. There may also be no support from the mentor.

- Since the online learning market is huge, it is possible to face difficulties in choosing useful and high-quality courses.

- Since no one controls you on online courses, there may be another drawback: difficulties with self-control and self-organization.

In conclusion, I would like to note that there are a lot of opportunities to learn programming. The most important thing is to find an effective way for yourself. Many people, after listening to an offline course, additionally view training videos. And people who have been trained on online platforms often sign up for a practical offline course. It is possible to determine the optimal method of training for yourself only in a practical way. The main thing is not to be afraid and try!

Good luck with your training!