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<p><b>6 reasons to think about changing jobs</b></p>
June 6, 2022#career

6 reasons to think about changing jobs

Each of us has thought at least once that it's time to change jobs. But, most often, such thoughts are momentary emotions, and they pass as quickly as they appear. But, if thoughts about changing jobs do not leave you, perhaps it's time to act.

Reason №1 – Stop career

Years go by, but the long-awaited career does not add up. Many people lose a huge amount of time waiting for a promotion. Therefore, the question arises, how to understand in time that career growth in this company is not expected for you?

First, it is necessary to objectively assess the situation. The reasons why an employee does not have career growth depends either on the company or on the employee himself. Perhaps there is simply nowhere to grow within the organization. This happens in small companies or in companies that work in the same direction and they do not need any development.

But if the company is promising, and since you came here to work, the company has grown several times, then most likely the reason is something else, namely, you should pay attention to the result of your work. It can be either bad or very good. As practice shows, managers do not always promote employees who perform their job duties perfectly. The solution is simple – a frank conversation with the manager. If it does not bring the result you need, then most likely you will have to build a career elsewhere.

Reason №2 - the life of a groundhog

Constant psychological stress is also an indicator that it's time to change jobs. You can quit without hesitation if your every day is similar to the previous one and every day turns into an 8-hour wait for the end of the working day. Because sometimes “going nowhere” is more useful than aimlessly wasting time at a hated job. And the sooner you get rid of what you are burdened with, the sooner you will do something interesting for you. 

After all, work is increasingly becoming a cause of depression, from which it is very difficult to get out. Therefore, the unknown should not stop you. You can safely write a letter of resignation, otherwise you risk living your whole life waiting for the end of the working day.

Reason №3 - complain too often

We spend most of our time at work, and our general well-being depends on what emotions this time is colored by. If you constantly complain about colleagues, the workplace, your projects, the manager – you are on the wrong track.

But don't be in a hurry to quit right away, just think about why you are so worried and unbalanced. Is there an opportunity to change something. Perhaps you are too involved in the work. Find yourself a new hobby, hobby, fitness – this will remove the obsession with dissatisfaction with work.

Reason №4 - work is harmful to health

Due to constant stress, your back hurts, you feel bad, sometimes your eye twitches or your arm aches. And it's even worse if you end your day with a few glasses of wine in order to forget a bad day at the office. Or you work so much time that you don't have time to exercise, eat well, sleep the required amount of hours, walk in the fresh air and do your hobby.

As a rule, psychosomatic manifestations are the result of a high level of stress that haunts you constantly. You can take a vacation to take care of your health, try to change your attitude to work. If the situation does not change, write a letter of resignation.

Reason №5 - professional burnout

If some negative experiences have become the norm for you, and you can't work at full strength, then perhaps it's time to think about changing activities. Because the loss of interest in your profession is not uncommon and can occur as a result of constant emotional stress. 

If you feel negative to clients and colleagues, the results of your work do not bring you any pleasure, then it can hardly be called a good job. Perhaps it is worth talking to the head about transferring to another department, if there is such an opportunity, and if not, then it is worth starting from scratch and in a new place.

Reason №6 - you are attracted to other companies

If you are sure that somewhere is better, more interesting, then perhaps you are right and it is worth moving forward. For example, there are companies where your skills and abilities will be valued more. Perhaps in other companies you are attracted to foreign business trips, more communication with clients, speaking at major conferences, writing articles, etc., and if this is exactly what you want, then you should think about changing jobs.

But it is not necessary to go somewhere unclear. I think that you need to clearly build your career strategy, be sure to highlight the intermediate stages that will help you get closer to the goal. It is necessary to start with your strengths and identify growth areas. Perhaps you can already start taking some courses that you are interested in, so that when you come to a new place of work, you will already be a level higher and not get bored again.

Even if you agree with all these reasons, it does not mean that you need to make a decision about changing jobs immediately. You can just talk to the manager – a constructive conversation about what you are not satisfied with and what you would like to change. But you need to prepare – you do not need to express your claims categorically, put ultimatums, blackmail. After the conversation with the manager, think about whether the company is really ready to meet you halfway or the conversation did not lead to anything. If not, then you should seriously think about changing jobs, because work should be fun in any case.