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<p><b>Employees oriented approach</b></p>
June 24, 2021#career

Employees oriented approach

We often hear about customer focus, but somehow everyone forgets about employee orientation. Why and what to do about it?

As we already said in our post about customer focus, you cannot talk about it without strengthening the company's HR policy. Again, we will remind you that our value is people (employees, customers and competitors). And our name speaks for itself. We are for justice.

By relying solely on reviews and customers, you can completely forget about employees. That is, such an important component, from which the whole company is built, can go unnoticed. We don't think it's worth explaining what this can lead to. Employees are an important and necessary part of the entire structure of the company. An overzealous pursuit of customer feedback is putting the company into the state of a human recycling machine. Everything should be in balance. Neither customers nor employees should be on the scales. Our company places great emphasis on these two niches. There are lead positions, responsible for employees, and there are lead positions, responsible for clients.

What do we do to make our employees happy?

  • open communication (this week there was an “open microphone” with directors);

  • open goals, plans and achievements (Justice Times);

  • quiz (excitement leading to victory and prizes);

  • sports (tennis, in the course of the game in which we change co-players);

  • corporate party (not a beautiful performance, but delightful emotions);

  • Justice Friday (frank and fun event);

  • playing the mafia (we played at the sea at a corporate party and are planning to launch a tradition in the office);

  • master class (development of public speaking and learning something new, as well as the desire to share it with colleagues);

  • regular one-on-one meetings of employees with the HR manager;

  • creation of a book of company rules (we will show you very soon).

We want and we are ready to invest in people, give more, help grow and improve. That is why we are constantly in the process of improving. Our HR department practically does not stop the process of creating something new, which will allow us to become the best in what we do.

We would like to draw the following conclusion. It is absolutely certain that a company that is not employee-centered will never be customer-centered. Without happy employees, there will be no satisfied customers. And there will be no successful company without satisfied customers.