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<p>How do we train interns?</p>
July 7, 2020#career

How do we train interns?

We'll be honest. We are not a university, so we do not arrange any lectures for groups of people. But what then does our training imply? Our tech lead was once a trainee himself, he was trained himself. He knows where to help, where to give the opportunity to reach everything on his own, where to give a lecture. We treat everyone fairly, including those who are at the beginning of the journey and who need help.

We appreciate the desire to do, the desire to get the result. If you understand that you are breaking the deadline and do not go to your assigned 8 hours, but ask to finish it at home, because work is important to you. If you spent a long time on one task, because you did not want to immediately find out the solution, but wanted to get to everything yourself. If the activity of your smartphone on weekdays has dropped sharply and by the end of the day the charge is 85%, then you are our employee. Because every developer was faced with deadlines, with tasks that they do not want to be solved. And the important thing is how you - a future good programmer, cope with it at the start. Training in our company = capable mind + interesting task + help of an experienced developer.