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<p>Organization of employee recreation: how interest clubs help employees of IT companies to relax and recharge with new ideas.</p>
March 28, 2023#career

Organization of employee recreation: how interest clubs help employees of IT companies to relax and recharge with new ideas.

Friends, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new project - interest clubs for our employees! Each of us knows how important it is to be able to take a break from work and do something that brings pleasure and joy. That is why we decided to create such clubs where our employees can find like-minded people and practice their hobbies.

In March, we launched our first clubs, which were very popular among our team. In the English club, we have already held several meetings where our employees could improve their conversational English skills and communicate with colleagues from different departments of the company. We are also pleased to announce that our history club has begun its work, and two wonderful meetings have already taken place, at which our employees learned a lot of interesting things. In addition, last Friday we arranged a meeting of the drawing club, where all offices took part online. It was a great experience for our team, where everyone was able to unleash their creative skills.

But this is only the beginning, we are ready to offer even more interesting clubs that will help our employees to relax and enjoy an exciting pastime. We think of yoga clubs, cooking clubs, running clubs, music clubs and more. But that is not all! We know that our team is full of unexpected talents and ideas, and we would love to hear your suggestions and wishes. Who knows, maybe we'll organize a juggling club or even a potato growing club? Jokes aside, but we are ready for any interesting proposals.

We are very pleased that our company not only cares about our work, but also about our leisure. The organization of interest clubs is a great opportunity to find new friends in the team, meet interesting people from other departments and areas, and also take up your hobby. This is a great way to unwind after a day at work and recharge your batteries for the next one.

Of course, many of us like to spend our free time in different ways - someone prefers sports activities, someone likes to cook, and someone is fond of art. We are confident that our new hobby clubs will be able to meet the needs of each employee and help them unleash their creative potential.

In addition, we are happy to organize other activities related to rest and relaxation for our employees. For example, we can organize sports competitions, nature hikes, yoga and meditation workshops, or film screenings.