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<p>How interviews are held in the Justice team IT</p>
January 19, 2021#career

How interviews are held in the Justice team IT

We want to share our experience in hiring people, and we decided to do this for one simple reason. The course of the interview can be negatively affected by the excitement and stress that the candidate arises from not knowing how the communication with the potential employer will take place. By revealing how this process goes, we hope that interviews will be more effective and better. There is nothing wrong with preparing for an interview. Approaching something responsibly is always an indicator of a successful person.

It all starts with a candidate's application. You can leave it either on our website in the Justice Team Careers section, or by responding to hh.ru, or writing to a contact person on any of the social networks. We are always in touch, so the answer, most often, the applicant receives on the same day or the next.

If a resume is left in the application, where the relevant technical skills are spelled out, or it is described in detail what the person was doing before, we choose a convenient date and time and schedule an interview. If the resume or application does not contain the information we need, then before the stage of scheduling an interview, we communicate with our candidates and clarify information on technical skills.

Since the epidemiological situation in the world is not stable now, our interviews are conducted on Skype. It looks like this: the candidate gives his login, and on the day of the interview, a group is created on Skype, in which there is an HR manager, tech. specialist and applicant. Sometimes one of our directors is present in such a group.

Then the most interesting part begins - the interview itself. It takes place in several stages: the general part, where we ask standard questions, after that there are more interesting questions aimed at revealing your personal characteristics, then the HR manager answers the candidate's questions, and after that comes tech. part.

We decided to share a couple of questions that our HR manager will definitely ask. These are questions about your interests (what profiles and pages do you most often visit on the Internet), your financial motivation, why you chose our company and why you decided to develop in web programming. These questions are easy and require little preparation. You just share your thoughts and experiences.

If it's not worth preparing for the general part, then the technical situation is different. We advise you to learn the basics with technologies like React.js, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Often we throw off candidates for the preparation of a list of links with verified material on the day of choosing the date and time of the interview so that those. part was successful. We also previously shared sources with useful information in our social media. networks.

During those. parts of our experts can test your analytical thinking by asking the answer to several logical problems. One of these is the common problem about coins, scales or machines.

After the interview, we take 5 working days to make a decision and contact the candidate on these days, announcing our result. By the way, we are always open to communication, so if an applicant has questions after the interview, we are happy to answer them. You just need to write to us at any contact you find.