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<p><b>How to beat the excitement of a new workplace</b></p>
March 27, 2022#career

How to beat the excitement of a new workplace

The first working days in a new place are undoubtedly stressful for everyone. No matter how hard we try to hide it, our colleagues understand that it's not easy for us.

There are several variants of negative thoughts that arise in the first days at a new job and prevent you from joining the workflow.

“I'm superfluous here.” The established team, its own rules, its own jokes, habits - I will definitely be superfluous here. This is one of the factors that worries many people, the fear of not joining the team and collective life.

Everyone has been through this, it's normal. If you do not constantly think about it, lock yourself in, but on the contrary try to chat with someone, keep up a conversation, then the problem will go away by itself.

“They're all pros, but I'm not.” Just think, your resume was chosen among the mass of others as a candidate, you passed the interview, so you liked the management in some way, hooked on something! 

Yes, you will need to learn how everything works, get used to the new rules and regulations. But after all this, the work will go like clockwork.

“I will be fired after the probation period.” For some, every day of probation seems like the last working day. Because of the fear of something new, lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities, it may seem that you are not appreciated. That the manager sees only your mistakes, that your talents have not had time to reveal themselves, that you ask too many stupid questions, etc. 

If you think so, then, of course, there will be no desire to go to work and the next working day may indeed be the last.

There are some tips that will help you beat the excitement in the workplace.

  1. Accept temporary difficulties.

Yes, you will feel out of place, without it anywhere. Even if you are sociable, open and like to chat, you are fine with soft- skills, it still takes time to remember the names of colleagues and understand the rules of the company. Therefore, when entering a new job, lower your expectations from yourself.

2. Watch.

That is, in the first days, observe your colleagues and analyze the information. Of course, you should not eavesdrop on other people's conversations and look into other people's monitors. Just look around, listen, draw conclusions.

So you will learn a lot of important things, figure out how everything works in the company. You will understand who is a rebel in the office and who is a lover of order, distinguish the silent from the talkers, and plus outline possible friends for yourself.

3. Ask and ask again.

At first it will be hard to ask for help, because you don't want to seem stupid and ask stupid questions. Just think that in Google you will not find any information about a particular company about internal foundations, processes, traditions and everything else, but you can ask your colleagues. When you understand this, your embarrassment will go away.

It is also the case with the need to ask again. It can be difficult to understand the information correctly the first time, but do not be afraid to ask again, so you will be sure that you have understood your interlocutor correctly.

And yes, if you ask a lot of questions, then you care. Your indifference should please the manager.

4. Don't lie.

Don't embellish your skills and don't lie about your experience. They will believe you and give you tasks that you can't handle.

Lying about your hobbies is also not worth it. It is better to say that while you are not interested in anything and ask colleagues about their hobbies, maybe some hobbies will appeal to you.

From this follows the rule: the truth and nothing but the truth.

5. Give yourself some time.

It will be hard at first. There is a lot of new information, there will not be so much energy left for work.

You need to understand that it's okay to be shy, it's okay to ask again, it's okay to joke at random. Feel tired, even if it seems to you that you haven't done anything all day. These are temporary difficulties that we agreed to accept in the first paragraph.

Yes, it will be difficult at first, but if you like the company, the team, the working conditions, then do everything to stay here! It will take some time and productivity will replace shyness and awkwardness. It will definitely become easier for you, and going to work will no longer be so exciting. So forget about negative thoughts and believe in yourself!