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<p>How to prepare for an interview</p>
July 22, 2021#career

How to prepare for an interview

In the conditions of the” new reality", more and more companies and employers are switching to the format of online interviews. We also decided to keep up with global trends and conduct all interviews with candidates exclusively remotely. And this has its advantages: this is safe and it saves a lot of time for both the candidate and the HR manager with technical specialists.

We decided to tell you about the important rules of remote interviews that will help the candidate to pass it successfully and become an employee of Justice IT.

1. Face to face.

Having a video during the interview is very important. We want to see the face and facial expressions of the candidate (and possibly our future employee). Interviews that take place without a camera are more often more unsuccessful, since it is difficult to catch that vibe and understand exactly whether the candidate is suitable for us in mood and character.

2. Check the equipment in advance.

The interview time is limited by the timing and recording for interviews with other candidates. And it is a pity that you have to spend the same limited time on connecting and checking, for example, a microphone or a camera. We advise you to check the equipment on the day of the interview 10-15 minutes before it starts and make sure that everything is in order. If not, you can always call from the phone.

3. Have a computer nearby.

If you decide to call from the phone, then you need to have a computer nearby. It is necessary for passing the technical part of the interview and performing any tasks.

4. Preparation for the interview.

It's no secret that before the interview, we always throw off links to material on the technologies that interest us (JS and React.JS). It is on this material (and not only) that our technical specialists will ask questions and evaluate your knowledge. Therefore, before the interview, it is extremely important to get acquainted with the information, read it, or refresh your knowledge. It will not be superfluous.;)

5. Get acquainted with our social networks.

For us, an important criterion in choosing an employee is the similarity of our views and principles. We openly broadcast our values. During the interview, we have a block of questions about the company and its positioning, the perception of it by the candidate. If the candidate does not answer them, this raises doubts and makes it difficult to make a final decision. That is why it is important to familiarize yourself with our Instagram before the interview/Vkontakte/blog on the site.

Following these simple rules, you increase your chances of successfully passing an interview with our company. We hope that this article was useful for you. And if after reading it, you have a desire to pass an interview in our company, you can leave your data in our form on the website or in social networks. We will contact you as soon as possible.