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<p><b>How to rest effectively during a work break</b></p>
March 15, 2022#career

How to rest effectively during a work break

A break is a very important component of the workflow, it is not only good for health, but also has a positive effect on work productivity. After a good rest, you will work more efficiently and with pleasure. We have prepared some tips that will help to distract and relax from work, keep a charge of energy and inspiration for the whole working day.

Move During the break, try not to think about work and completely distract yourself from it. It is not advisable to combine snacks and viewing any current tasks. It is better to walk around at this time: go down and up the stairs several times, take a walk in the fresh air. The movement will help to concentrate your thoughts and increase your creativity. It doesn't matter what you do, the main thing is to warm up. A five-minute break can be even more effective than a half-hour break if you include movement in it.

Relax During the break, do not think about the list of necessary tasks for the day, but rather do meditation or just relax and breathe deeply. Such techniques will help to cheer up, no matter how much time you have: 2 minutes or 20. And it's better to dream, looking at the greenery outside your window. According to research results, such "green" mini-breaks help to improve memory concentration and increase work efficiency.

Don't stay at your desk When you sit at your desk for hours, your energy level drops, so it's very important not to stay at your desk during a break. Take a walk, do a little warm-up, read - it will help you cheer up. The main rule of the break is not to deal with work tasks and questions.

Chat with colleagues Instead of staying at the workplace during the break, it is advisable to walk with your colleagues. Chat with them on topics of interest to you. This will help you relax, distract from work, and also give you the opportunity to get new information on any necessary issues.

A short afternoon nap

Research has shown that sleeping for 10 to 20 minutes is the most useful. Such a break brings tremendous benefits, namely: refreshes, relieves general drowsiness and restores strength. In addition, the benefits of daytime sleep is to neutralize the stress hormone (cortisol) and restore sleep patterns. And also a short nap improves the assimilation of information, accelerates the reaction, raises the mood and gives working capacity for several hours.

Write down your thoughts and ideas If there is still no desire to go out during the break, just take a piece of paper or a notebook and write down your thoughts. Thus, you will be freed from them, as it were, and will be able to evaluate your actions more objectively.

Reading Another way to distract from the workflow is to take an interesting book and read it. Reading sometimes relieves stress and tension better than walking and music. You get distracted, calm down and forget about work problems.

Put things in order on the desktop Another way to relax and unwind while working is simply to clean up at your workplace. Chaos and a cluttered desk causes stress and unwillingness to work at it. Internally, it seems that you are not able to cope with the work.

We are sure that these simple tips will help to relax, distract and relax during the break, improve performance and get good final results.

And how do you spend your break to rest?