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<p><i><b>How to win the heart of a technician?</b></i></p>
August 15, 2021#career

How to win the heart of a technician?

The second part of the interview in our company is communication with our tech. specialists. We asked each of them: "How to win your heart?" And they answered us honestly. Now you can learn a little more about our tech. specialists and perhaps better prepare for our interviews.

Victor - Team Lead

“Speaking of an interview, you need to find out what it is. For me, this is an interview process in which the company evaluates you according to a number of criteria over a certain period of time. What criteria can be: most often it is a test of hard and soft skills. We will not delve into these concepts, I think everyone knows perfectly well what it is, or you can always google it. First of all, you need to show that you are not afraid and there is no insecurity in you. I think everyone understands that, first of all, at the interview they test your knowledge of a particular technology. But it is also important to test soft skills. Ability to work in a team, politeness, sociability, the ability to propose solutions and predict possible problems, the ability to resolve conflicts, etc. All of these things almost always come up during the interview phase, and you need to show that you are ready to deal with any problem or any conflict. Also, an important criterion can be the fact that you do not know anything about the company in which you are applying. Here you need to take the time and read a little about the company. Also, a good practice is your portfolio, namely your developments on github, the presence of your really working projects, reviews from previous jobs, for example, via LinkedIn, a white story in social media (you can always check the candidate by simply googling him). That's all. Good luck with your future interviews! ”

Pavel - mentor of the internship program

“My opinion is that all interviews start with a simple acquaintance. This point is very important, as well as the technical part, since the people whose team you want to join needs an employee who has a good set of soft skills. Throughout the interview, respect should be shown to all members of the company. People may not remember what you answered the technical part, but they can remember exactly how you answered. And by doing so, you can leave a pleasant impression of yourself. "

Boris is a mentor

“When you first interview a team, it is important to emphasize your speaking qualities. Tell more and more about yourself, talk about projects and your experience, be able to correctly show your attitude to projects and teams on them, a sense of humor will not be superfluous. With some of those. It is difficult for leads to find a common language due to their seriousness and workload, but it is important to get in touch and show yourself from the best "sociable" side. After the introductory part, as a rule, if you managed to establish contact, the technical part should not seem scary and exciting. Some questions do not need to be answered by memorized phrases from the documentation, but to be able to explain everything in your own words. If the tech lead fills up with deep questions from the first word, then most likely it was not possible to establish the correct contact. In this case, my advice to novice developers is to provide answers more openly and technically. If you have questions that you cannot answer, try to give examples from specific tasks. After the interview, you should not have a drooping state, as after a failed exam. If you feel that you are on the same page with the interviewer, then the interview will be just like a discussion of interesting programming topics. And remember, nothing is impossible! ”g programming topics. And remember, nothing is impossible!".