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<p>Mentor interview: details of our internship</p>
April 15, 2021#career

Mentor interview: details of our internship

1. Could you briefly describe how the internship is going?

Of course, it all starts with an interview. If everything went well, then we invite the candidate for an internship, which, in turn, is divided into several stages. The first is HTML and CSS assignments. The second stage is a task where JS is added to the specified technologies. The next step is the task in React.js. Well, the final stage is a modular task that combines all of the above technologies. It is he who is shown to the leader and it is decisive.

2. What are the biggest mistakes trainees make?

Most often it is either the trainee's technical unpreparedness or embarrassment. A common case that new guys are afraid to ask for help. Naturally, this slows down the process and negatively affects the completion of the task. Although we are a very open and friendly team. And we are always ready to help. :)

3. Is there a “formula for success” for trainees? How can they successfully complete an internship in our company?

A difficult question ... First of all, by the beginning of the internship you need to have some kind of knowledge base: study the documentation that we give each candidate before the interview, or study other material. For example, in our posts you can find many useful links. Well and, of course, during the internship, also do not forget about the independent study of something new from our field.

4. Describe a portrait of the ideal intern? What qualities should he possess? Which, on the contrary, should definitely not be present?

Sociable and sociable! It doesn't matter: introvert or extrovert. The ability to find a common language with others, ask for help or the ability to give feedback correctly is the key to success. Well, it is also important to note that a person should not be toxic and negative. A friendly and warm atmosphere reigns within our team. We all treat each other with respect, everyone's personal workspace. And a person who does not know how to treat his colleagues in this way will simply not be able to effectively exist in our team.

5. Did you have any difficult case during your internship?

For me, the most difficult and unpleasant thing is when you get used to a person, and he leaves the internship. I had a case when we got close to the intern, we had some common themes and jokes, and at that moment he had to leave the internship because he could not meet the deadlines. And the reason for this was that at some point he was ashamed to ask for help.

6. What do you personally pay attention to during your internship? What is the main thing for you?

Primary, of course, is how the person completes the task. Sometimes guys face a problem and don't do anything about it. That is, they choose a passive position: they don’t google, they don’t get interested, they don’t try to fix something. Naturally, this is wrong. You need to try to find a solution yourself, or else ask for help from one of your colleagues. The answer is always there, you just need to be able to find it.

7. What would be the main advice for the interns who come to us?

Do not be afraid and try! And also study the information that we give. Because these are really useful materials that can provide a good base and help in the future.