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<p>Skype interview: 6 simple secrets</p>
November 30, 2020#career

Skype interview: 6 simple secrets

Today's realities dictate their own terms, which is why video interviews are gaining momentum. Although we are used to dealing with modern technology every day, it is not as easy to go through a Skype interview as it seems at first glance. In order for your interview to be successful, you need to remember a few rules.

1. Check the technique During the interview, the quality of your audio and video is very important. Make sure everything is connected and working well beforehand. If you plan to communicate via a laptop or phone, then you should take care of the charging level in advance. By the way, many employers do not mind at all if you communicate on Skype via phone. We including, tk. our interviews do not involve the completion of any technical task. We also recommend using headphones to avoid hearing echoes during a call. Be prepared for any unforeseen situations and think about what to do if your laptop or other gadget suddenly fails.

2. Provide silence Before your prospective Skype interview, you should be concerned about audibility: this is really important. Your interlocutor may be uncomfortable with harsh noises wedging into the conversation: agree with your family that silence should reign in the house during your conversation. Disable on your computer all programs that can interrupt your call with unexpected sound notifications (for example, about a new comment on a topic, etc.) - this can distract and irritate the interlocutor.

3. Atmosphere is also important What will your interlocutor see behind you if you are at home? It’s not great if the kitchen utensils or the “creative mess” at home are after all you have a business conversation that requires a business spirit. Better it will be just a wall. Many popular online meeting software have settings that allow you to set a virtual background (choose neutral rather than fantastic views) or blur your real background so that no details are visible. Also, do not forget about lighting so that your, possibly future, colleague can calmly see you. And one more thing: the remote interview format is sometimes relaxing. It seems that there is nothing "like that" if during a conversation you drink tea and coffee, smoke, have a light snack. Think: would you do this at a business meeting? It's one thing to swallow water if your throat is dry, and quite another to constantly sip and chew something. By the way, even if this is not a video call, such things are perfectly audible.

4. Clothes are the key to success When we go to a meeting with an employer, we pay attention to appearance. Skype interview is the same meeting. Therefore, you should not forget about the appearance. And not only about its top. Don't feel like wearing a shirt is enough, but wearing sweatpants or shorts. You may need to stand up to take some documents, your camera may fall, or other unforeseen things may happen. Maintain a posture, do not props your face with your hands, do not lean back in a chair, do not swing on it. Periodically glance at your own image to see yourself from the outside.

5. Watch your speech Since there is no direct personal contact in a Skype interview, your speech comes to the fore. She must be confident and cheerful, avoid parasitic words, long pauses. Don't interrupt the other person. This rule is also important in a regular interview, but in a Skype interview it is especially critical, since the voices will overlap, and you simply will not hear each other.

6. The end is also important After the interview ends, many people relax and forget important details. Talking on the phone and on the camera are two different things. Try not to make the goodbye abrupt, so as not to leave an unpleasant aftertaste. Turn off the camera first, and then hang up.

Good luck!