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<p>The Path to Justice Team IT: How It All Began</p>
April 21, 2021#career

The Path to Justice Team IT: How It All Began

Pavel came to us for an internship right after the New Year holidays. Now he is already a part of our team, he has his own project, and he also became the winner of the “Quiz” this season. We asked how it all began and what helped him.

1. Tell me, how do you feel about the atmosphere inside the company?

From the first day I liked the team. I immediately established contact with all the guys: I relaxed and realized that here I can be myself. I often asked for help to understand which of the guys was focused on what in terms of the stack. We talked a lot on Quizzes and Justice Friday. The whole adaptation process took no more than a week. Everything I wanted them: there is no heavy routine atmosphere where you are afraid to breathe again. This is perfect for me.

2. What do you think helped you to complete your internship successfully?

At the very least, my desire and desire to fulfill the task to the maximum. Also my initial preparation: before the interview, I studied the base of the stack with which the company works. And, of course, the fact that I was engaged in self-education outside of work: I came home and continued to do something, walk something. I think this combination helped me to achieve a successful internship.

3. How often could you ask questions and seek help?

Anytime I saw the guys weren't busy. I didn't ask the trivial things that can be Google in a second. I asked what I really don't know. It is very important to immediately learn to do something correctly, because then it is difficult to relearn. I realized that I could do something clumsy, spending a lot of time, or ask the guys with experience how to complete this task. They prompted, I memorized everything and immediately learned to complete the task correctly. By the way, I learned from them a lot of chips that I still use.

4. What was the most difficult part of your internship for you?

I walked with the intention that I would work 7 to 9 hours a day. But at the same time, I was sure that I could combine several areas of my life. It turned out to be not that easy. Realizing this and prioritizing was probably the hardest part.

5. Maybe you can recommend something for our future interns?

Have some kind of base, learn the basics, and prepare well for the internship. Do not come with the hope that they will teach you everything here from scratch. It is possible, but it is very difficult in the first place for the trainee himself. Well, don't be shy, contact the guys, ask them questions. This is necessary primarily for the employee himself. Because they come for an internship for new knowledge, and when there are so many experienced guys around, you can't help but use it! :)