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<p><b>What can I do in an IT company other than work on a project</b></p>
March 28, 2022#career

What can I do in an IT company other than work on a project

The work of a programmer is often monotonous and monotonous, but not in our company. In this article, we decided to tell you what our employees can do besides working directly on the project.

Master class

One of our key internal events is master classes conducted by the company's employees. They are aimed at the development of public speaking and the study of something new, the desire to share it with colleagues. And it's also a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone.

The important role of this event is the relevance of the topics. They are not chosen by chance: the MK theme is most often a team request. This may be an actual technical topic that will be useful to the developer guys, or it may be a topic on time management or self-development.

Technical quiz

Quiz is an intellectual and entertaining battle, as well as an interesting and convenient way to interact with the team, which can be used both for training and for entertainment. Quiz is a team game, in which erudition, logic and ingenuity will help to win. Such an event is a great opportunity to spend time with the team, stretch your brains and get a lot of positive impressions. In our company, a technical and logical quiz is regularly held for employees. The technical quiz implies a discussion by the whole team on various technical tasks, where everyone can share their thoughts, reasoning and experience with the rest of the participants. During the logical quiz, you can distract yourself as much as possible from the technical component of the work and immerse yourself in guessing various riddles and puzzles.

Demo of the project

During the internship, each of our employees makes their own virtual project, which they present at the end of the internship. The whole team gathers in the conference area during the presentation and can look at, sort of, the achievements of their colleague. At the end of the presentation, each employee can ask a question, share his impressions and say his comment. The demo of the project is a wonderful opportunity for an intern to show himself and his work and to unite even more with the team. At the same time, for all other employees, this is an opportunity to distract from the current tasks on the project and have a wonderful time.


The quiz is also one of our key internal events. It takes place in our company seasonally on various topics. Victoria is an entertaining battle of our employees, according to the results of which, the winner (or the winning team) receives a cool prize. During the quiz, you can have a wonderful time with the team, get a lot of positive emotions and recharge your energy for further work.


In addition to internal events, our company has a huge number of options to do other than work on the project. During the break, you can play a console, as well as arrange a whole tournament, as our employees do. Play board games (alias, jenga, mafia, chess, etc.). Do a little warm-up on the equipped area next to the office. Read interesting books on technical orientation that are in our library, do anti-stress coloring and much more.

Our company has a large number of different activities and leisure options that our employees can do, except for the project. Therefore, the work is not monotonous and boring, but on the contrary, diverse and interesting.