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<p><b>Where and how to look for your first job</b></p>
November 16, 2021#career

Where and how to look for your first job

Every person in his life is faced with finding his first job. It is worth noting that this task is not easy. At the moment, the labor market is very extensive and diverse. Let's figure out where and how to look for your first job.

1. Use various channels.

Now is the time that you need to use all possible resources to find a job. Do not stop and choose one channel to search. Use all existing ones at the same time: hh.ru, social media posts, personal connections, and many others.

2. Make a good resume.

Approach it responsibly. Delve into this topic and study the information about what a sales resume should contain. No one is interested in a dry and formal enumeration, as in the job description. If earlier this was the norm, now experienced applicants need to be interested. To do this, make a resume not too short, but also not too long. Do not forget that you need to show your skills and achievements in it. Also feel free to use the tips and examples that offer job search channels.

3. Respond to vacancies.

When your resume is compiled, and you are ready to offer your candidacy to employers - start active actions. But remember that the candidate and the vacancy must match each other, so you should not send responses to all vacancies in a row. Study the requirements and responsibilities that the company offers. Do not neglect this by throwing unintelligible responses. This is an important stage of screening. Moreover, both the candidate and the company are candidates.

4. Cover Letter.

A cover letter is a great way to show your interest if you want to stand out from other candidates. But keep in mind that the standard phrase is: "Hello! Please consider my resume!" is not enough for it to be considered a cover letter. For each answer, you need an individually composed letter explaining what attracted you to this particular vacancy and why you think you are ideally suited for it. There are situations when a letter is simply necessary, but our sincere recommendation is to always write it.

5. Consider offers. Choose a company.

As soon as you start receiving positive responses and invitations, you should not rush headlong to the first proposed option. Wait until you have several: it is important to choose what will most satisfy your needs. Analyze it. Study the information about the company. Be sure to ask the employer questions that interest you. You must have a clear idea of the future place of work in order to make the right decision.

It is necessary to approach the choice of a future place of work carefully. After all, it is very important that the place where you will spend a lot of time is suitable and liked by you. This is the key to productive work and fruitful cooperation. Of course, each person has different selection criteria and an idea of the "ideal" job: one is important to find employment in a specialty; and the other - a high salary and the opportunity for career growth, professional development, and someone all at once. Therefore, it is important for you to understand what is key for you. And only on the basis of this to make a choice.

In our blog you can find a lot of interesting and useful articles about further actions: how to understand if a company is right for you; how to prepare for an interview; how to successfully complete an internship; a lot of advice and even anti-advice from our HR managers and much more. The most important thing is to believe in yourself, in your idea and not be afraid. And also love what you do. ;)