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<p>Why we don&#39;t have a remote work format</p>
June 9, 2021#career

Why we don't have a remote work format

We often receive questions from applicants about the possibility of working in a remote format. And each time answering that we do not practice this format and do not plan, we hear frustrated reproaches: “you’re an IT company”. Today we will tell you why we are against it and what important disadvantages we see in "remote".

1. Decreases efficiency

Whoever says what, but in our experience, the effectiveness of employees on a remote basis is lower. Of course, this does not apply to everyone and there are exceptions, but often the result is exactly that. Working from home is often relaxing: there is less responsibility. You can forget about things with impunity: either the weather beckons to go out for a short walk, then “one more episode and to work” - well, no one sees. There are many factors that make it difficult to immerse yourself in the work process while in a comfortable home environment. But the deadlines are merciless and don't wait. All employers want a quality result, not “I blinded you out of what happened” a couple of hours before the end of working hours. It's great when there is no boss watching you all day. But some people cannot be productive without it. Lots of distractions, lack of motivation, and a lack of feeling like this is really a working day can be very negative for efficiency.

2. Problems with interaction between colleagues

Of course, there is everyone's favorite Slack, Telegram, Zoom, What’sApp, other chats and video communication. But some things are easier and faster to explain when you are around a person. Suggesting and helping a colleague is one of the main internal principles of our company. Of course, getting help or giving advice is much easier and faster by communicating in real life. Online communication is often limited and can introduce its own difficulties, which in the future can lead to big mistakes in work. Also, when all members of your team are in the office, and you are the only one who works from home, you can skip important details that can be discussed in the team after a meeting, phone call, or, in principle, at lunch.

3. Irregular working hours

In the office, everything is clear: I came, worked 8 hours, left. At home, this is unlikely to work. One fine moment you discover that it is already 10 pm, and you are still tinkering with an important task: you want to deal with it today, before the thought goes away. As a result, all this takes even more time than in the office. Those few hours that the road could take before, now you devote to work. This is a very big problem, as this overwork leads to burnout (which we talked about earlier here: https://justiceteam-it.com/blog/post/burnout-what-is-it-and-how-to- deal-with-it), which can subsequently lead to an abrupt change in activity. Do you need it?

4. Difficult to readjust

On the subject of burnout, add the following: When you work from home, you blur the boundaries of work-leisure-personal life. Most often, all this happens in one space. You live and work in one place, and therein lies a great danger. Your whole life begins to revolve around your work. If you love your job, then at first you may not see any drawback in this. But all this is an inevitable path to early professional burnout, because your work and personal life have become one.

5. Social isolation

Chats and calls are the blessings of our century. But this will definitely not replace that important component - being in society. Working from home, you sometimes miss such necessary and important moments: coffee with a colleague, discussing some interests at lunch, Justice Friday with sweets, board games and communication, exchanging plans for the next weekend / month / vacation. Connecting with people with whom you share one common passion - programming, you can learn amazing things that you have never even heard of before. Yes, in some companies there is such an atmosphere that employees are ready for anything, just to never see their cute colleagues again. But it also happens the other way around. At least we are sure of this and can prove by our example. ;)

Of course, it cannot be denied that remote work, like everything else, has a downside. There are also many advantages: the ability to work from anywhere in the world, spend more time at home with loved ones, save on transport and food, build your own work environment and a flexible schedule. But our opinion remains unchanged. We are for work in the office, because we are for a cool and high-quality result, adherence to deadlines, close communication between colleagues, an open dialogue between employees and management, cool internal events. These are our principles and our “whales” on which we build our company. Our Justice IT.