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<p>Another interview with a web developer</p>
January 14, 2021#interview

Another interview with a web developer

1. Why exactly the IT sphere?

Because this is a constant development! The ability not to stand still. In what area else can you find this? I love to learn something new, to meet people whose experience I can learn from. I also like to develop some kind of processes that optimize the day-to-day routine tasks of the business.

2. Do you think you can enter IT from any profession?

Certainly. In our field, age, gender, your previous work experience are not important. What is important is the desire, the aspiration and the actions that you take for this. Anyone can enter: it's just that the process of cognition and understanding at the start will take more time for someone, and for someone less.

3. What personal qualities help you in your work?

I believe that creativity and a mathematical mindset. This is manifested in the fact that I have a non-standard approach to solving any problems. This often helps to get the job done faster and more interesting, as well as optimize many processes.

4. Tell us about your most failed project? What did he teach you?

I have never had such a failed project, but I can share my biggest personal fact. It was at the start of my career. I was running a fairly large project related to trade. I had to make a site that is divided into 2 user groups. It was necessary to provide different types of prices for legal entities. and physical persons with a change in the logic of registration, ordering and personal account. This is exactly what I did for a very long time, having spent a lot of various resources on this task, including time. Now I would do it several times faster.

Why do I consider this a fakap? Because due to ignorance of some technologies and due to inability to correctly search for answers to my questions, I made it difficult for myself the task, which eventually began to lead me to some kind of burnout. But as they say: everything that is done is for the best. I learned a lot, gained experience, and not only in a technical matter. I learned to plan. After this project, I got a rule: divide the introductory task into smaller ones with a specific deadline. Thanks to this, personal effectiveness becomes higher.

5. What, in your opinion, is the main advantage of working in the it-sphere? What is the biggest disadvantage?

Continuous development of their soft-skills. For example, stress resistance, the skill of more accurate analysis of information, planning, which I spoke about earlier. By developing all these skills at work, you automatically begin to apply them in everyday life. In my opinion, this makes life easier and is a nice bonus. Thus, the it sphere leaves its positive imprint. If we talk about the disadvantages, then for me there are practically none. The only thing that I can single out is the absence of any single source with information, where everything would be collected on technologies, their frameworks and updates. Sometimes it is very difficult to find relevant and understandable material. In the initial stages, this led me to a passive state, when my hands give up. I think at some point it really was burnout (what it is and how to deal with it - read in our article - author's note).

6. What and how to choose: front-end or back-end?

Just go and try it! If you are a beginner web developer, you should try to code both on the front-end and on the back-end. In some ways you will definitely be better: it is easier to perceive information, learn faster, it will be clearer for you how and what to do. In general, in some ways you will have a better result. For myself, I chose the frontend, because I can immediately see and evaluate my result. It's important for me.

7. If not for it, what area would you go to?

During my life, I managed to work in many different directions, had experience in business (and more than one), but nothing drew me in as much as IT. I think this is due to the fact that constant growth is important to me, both financially and mentally. I learn very quickly and try to do my job better. In other areas, I quickly reached a peak when there was no further growth opportunity. Probably, if it were not for IT, I would have chosen a job where you need to travel in order not to sit still and constantly study new cultures, histories and mentality.

8. What inspires and motivates you to work better and better?

Difficulties. The moment when, when setting a task, you think that it is simply unrealizable, when you have no idea how to do it, it seems that you cannot cope with it. But at some point, having built the foundation, you pour in and start small, and then, step by step, a certain result follows. And now, when you look at the result of your work, you are inspired and ready to move on to perform even more difficult tasks.

9. Three tips for beginners in it?

  1. You will fail, and that's okay.

  2. You need to develop your horizons, not only by studying programming material, but also to look at people who inspire you.

  3. Never stop learning and working, because this field is developing very quickly. You shouldn't be left behind. ;)