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<p><b>Introducing Justice Team: A History of Company Creation</b></p>
April 19, 2021#our-story

Introducing Justice Team: A History of Company Creation

Today we will tell you how we were born. Who came up with the idea to create the company and how? What became the trigger?

Our company has two Co-founders (in English, it sounds prettier, but we mean “co-founder”) - Alexander (holds the position of CEO - CEO) and Anastasia (holds the position of COO - Chief Operating Officer). Alexander began his career as a web developer, mentor, and then became a team lead (under his wing there were 4 people and 5 projects) in a fairly large company in Taganrog at the moment. Anastasia started working as an HR manager, then was the head of the HR department, Staff manager and, finally, the executive director of the team in the same company (as Alexander).

But life and work are arranged in such a way that any cooperation can be effective for a very long time (as it was), and then people disperse due to a change in life priorities. And so it was. The working relationship between the employee and his manager should be beneficial to both parties. Especially when it is a key employee. At a certain moment, Anastasia, Alexander and their general leadership simply fell out of the way, life values ​​changed. We can even say that to some extent the end of the employment relationship with the previous company was a MUTUAL decision.

Alexander and Anastasia began preparations for opening their own company, which will live the life they wanted, carry their philosophy into this world and treat people the way they want. In the life of our directors, a stage has begun when they no longer depend on someone, but the fate of other people, to some extent, depends on them. “This is a big responsibility, it was difficult to decide on it. It was no longer possible to rely on anyone, only on ourselves. There is no longer a person to whom you can go and consult, lay out all the problems, and he will solve them. We are now these people. It was not easy to accept and understand, but there is nowhere to go. As they say, there is nowhere to retreat, ahead of Moscow. We got together very quickly, got back on track. I think we did well. But there is certainly room for improvement, ”says Anastasia, COO of Justice Team.

The company started with two executives and four developers. A month later, the first trainee appeared. After another month, we moved and hired an HR manager. From here began a new stage in the life of the company. Every day we get better, come up with something new and interesting. So that our people do not go to work with the thoughts “oh, start work”, but go with DESIRE and MOTIVATION.