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<p>Your career growth in our team</p>
July 14, 2020#skills

Your career growth in our team

What's in store for Justice Tram?

Let's assume that you come to us with minimal knowledge and no commercial development experience. Then you will first have a paid internship for 2-3 months.

  1. An internship implies a sharp rise in professional skills to the Junior level, with the help of a mentor. At the Junior stage, you will strengthen your skills, adapt to the concept of "commercial development". You will need another 3-4 months to start swimming at this stage, like a fish in water. However, a Junior developer will periodically need the help of an experienced programmer.

  2. After Junior, there is the Middle stage. Middle from June differs not only in salary, but rather in the ability to lead the project independently. Appreciate code adequately. Asking not for help, but to know the solution, but asking for advice on how to do better.

  3. Then the Senior stage. This programmer doesn't ask any questions. He knows the solution to any problem, knows what and how to google if necessary. He can also help colleagues cope with difficult tasks for them.