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<p><b>Another FinTech project: a large bank - connecting payment systems</b></p>
August 23, 2021#tech

Another FinTech project: a large bank - connecting payment systems

The customer of this project is a large CIS bank. Like all banks in our country, the development is carried out with advanced technologies and with the highest quality of code writing and work on the project. The development of such projects is a great responsibility of the developer to himself and to the company. This bank has a huge number of users and staff members, so you can't make mistakes and provide poor quality work.

The technologies that we encountered while working on this project: React, React - Router - DOM, Redux and Context were used as state management in the application, storybook for the implementation of custom components, react-hook-form for working with forms. The main direction of development on this project is the connection of payment systems and services for payment in various ways. As part of the tasks in this block, it implies the ability for bank users to pay for housing and communal services, repay a loan, replenish an investment account, etc. In addition to paying from your card, the functionality of this service allows you to carry out transactions from cards of another bank. Also, a system for payment of various duties through the state services was developed. As part of the work on the project, our team has implemented a lending system where any user can leave an application to a bank representative with the ability to calculate the loan rate. In addition to all of the above, a lot of work has been done to implement a fast payment system and create virtual cards.

The Scrum approach was used as agile methodologies on the project. The team consisted of about 120 people in all departments, but it was in the department where the representative of our company worked that the team consisted of about 10 people. Colleagues are masters of their craft, responsive and ready to help in difficult times. How was the work flow built? We had two weekly iterations - sprints in which we had to complete a certain number of tasks. As with any correct Scrum approach, we had such entities as reviewing and evaluating tasks from the backlog, sprint planning and retrospectives. We also had a daily meet every day, where we discussed the statuses of tasks for the working day.

A developer's job involves facing difficult tasks. And during our work on the project, we encountered such. It was necessary to integrate with government services for the bank. After reading the documentation a bit and consulting with the team, we coped with this task.

In conclusion, I would like to note that working in the banking sector is a laborious and responsible task both for the developer and for the entire company. But we are very glad to be a part of this team, because, working with such projects, you develop and do not stand still, but keep up with the times and learn new advanced technologies in development.