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<p>Company’s management system</p>
July 3, 2021#tech

Company’s management system

The A-manage project is a fintech project created specifically for business. The project allows you to manage companies and invite investors. The client of the project is a large businessman.

The main idea of ​​the project is an opportunity for business owners (companies or individual entrepreneurs) to create and manage subsidiaries. Company owners can invite investors to their companies. To do this, the project has implemented a special functionality that allows you to load lists from tables in xlsx format of invited investors, send messages with invitations to a list of email addresses, process answers to security questions from invitees, confirm or reject an investor invitation. After passing all stages of verification, an individual investor has the opportunity to exchange text messages through A-manage with the company and attach files. The project also assumes the ability to manage accounts (accounts) and obtain information about transactions. Information must be protected by special encryption systems.

A team of external and internal developers, a designer and a project manager from different countries and different time zones participated in the development of this project. The optimal time for a daily meeting was chosen at 5 pm, where we discussed what had been done in the day, what tasks we would solve tomorrow and what difficulties in solving problems. The team was faced with the task of a project from scratch. For this, a scrum approach was used. The project was divided into tasks and subtasks and time sprints, at the beginning there was work planning and evaluation in Story Point tasks. At the end of the sprint, a demonstration of the work done was carried out. For the project, our designer and part-time project manager developed a project and explanatory materials on the necessary functions. Material -UI, all emphasis and complexity lay in the functionality of the project.

Many technologies and libraries were used to implement the project. The main ones are: React, React-Router-DOM, Redux, Saga. GraphQL and AWS were used to create queries. Material-UI components were used for layout.

When working on the project's functionality, of course, difficulties arose, since the project was not easy, but with the help of our team of constant communication at daily meetings and discussing problems and possibilities for solving them, we managed to solve the tasks. All team members are very responsive and sociable, which is important for teamwork. Participation in such a project for me is a very interesting experience, constant improvement of my knowledge and skills.