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<p>FinTech project: management system for large suppliers</p>
September 6, 2021#tech

FinTech project: management system for large suppliers

Fintech is a heterogeneous sphere. And often the variety of this area can vary from cryptocurrency to the replacement of the functional part of a bank. And in our company there is a wide variety of such projects. Today we are going to talk about a startup that helps make life easier for large suppliers. Working on a project, every day we put a part of ourselves into the implementation of a task, and each project reveals us in a new way. This project is no exception, below you will find out what we have implemented within the framework of this project.

The technologies we worked with on this project: React-TS, React - Router - DOM, Redux-Saga was used as the state management in the application, React-bootstrap was used as the style library, the react-i18next library was used to translate the application, and lodash library was used for functional programming.

On this project, we have developed a new functional part that helps large suppliers to keep track of their goods. Accounting and viewing of goods, the ability to track the location of the goods. Creation of transport places and their editing. A system for updating cargo data, viewing and updating cargo files and updating cargo data in the database has been developed.

As an Agile methodology, the project was built on Scrum metrics. We started a sprint every two weeks. At the beginning of each sprint, we conducted a backlog review and issue grading, in which each developer graded issues in a story point. After each sprint, in addition to a demo for the customer, we held a retrospective, in which each developer had the opportunity to speak about how two weeks of development went. The team on this project is small and consisted of 8 people. Also, as in any project, we had a daily meet, where the entire development team gathers and discusses the status of tasks. This allows you to work more efficiently, since development blockers can be discussed at such meetings. The team was very responsive and sociable, which made it possible to contact each member of the team at any time and discuss the steps to implement a particular task.

Were there any difficulties in completing the tasks? Of course, because we are all human, and when we face difficulties in our work, we first of all learn new things and, having overcome our blocker, we are ready to work harder and, feeling confident in our abilities, we will be ready to face another problem and solve her with renewed vigor. On this project, my task was to develop a file exchange system between suppliers. The system meant the exchange of files of any resolution. What did we do from the front? We need to convert all our files into a zip archive, then send them to the server, and then receive them from another user. After downloading the zip archive, we needed to parse this file and display them on the application interface. After that we had the opportunity to download all these files. Having researched the information a little and found suitable methods and libraries, we coped with this task.

In conclusion, I would like to note that working on any project is a responsibility and a search for something new in the development profession, and this project is no exception. On any project we develop and learn new possibilities in application development. I am pleased with the development of the application we are working on, as the client is happy with this result!