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Virtual assistant

the project

This project is the application of large bank of Russia and CIS. Our company's main tasks were to develop webview of bank ATM location and bank virtual assistant.

The first part of the application is the bank ATM location.

Our company implemented the work with React Yandex Map, added the ability to determine the current geolocation of the user with its binding to the city and the mark opposite him "You are here". Also we installed a display on the map of the city with ATMs and branches and added time tracking for objects marked open / closed. The ability to build a route to a specified point on the map is provided. Also we added advanced filtering of objects both on the map and in the sheet with all objects.

The second part of the application is the bank virtual assistant. WebView helps bank clients to find answers to some questions. The application has the ability to filter questions by category, request with animation, moving questions with swipes, possibility to share a question and rating of the usefulness of the information by voting.

Stack: WebView, React, Redux, Firebase, Moment, React Yandex Map.