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Medicine is about love, otherwise it is worthless.

Health Care

iPhone X

About the project

It is a convenient adapted helper application with an individual card of the user with his personal data, and COVID-19 disease statistics monitoring system in the region of the user and the system of tracking the history of visits and use of QR-code in these places.

Human health care
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WThe sign-in screen welcomes you with illustrations with hints. This will help new users get up to speed more quickly

Image health care

Medical card

Here the user can see the current information about his activity, which is tracked by the app: water balance, calorie count, sleep mode, number of steps per day. The user can also use it to go to the section with statistics on COVID-19

Image health care

QR-code scan

The users, who have received the vaccine, can use their unique QR-code, the history of visiting the places, where the code was used, is also displayed at this screen.

Image health care

Disease statistics

On this screen, the user has access to statistics of incidence and vaccination in his region in percentage terms. It is possible to view statistics for the year and for the current week.

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